Friday, May 17, 2019

Sunday, May 12, 2019

"That's just the way things are these days" "Enjoy the ride" 3 OF 3 AMERICANS SAY THEIR HOMES ARE BEING ROBBED AND CHILDREN SEXUALLY EXPLOITED

"All the time"

I just had some motherfucker come up and pull on my neck in public without me even seeing it

I j

I am one dead sexy mother fucker.

Well technically I only fucked the one mother. I fucked her for days I fucked her for hours straight but I couldn't cum while she was having multiple orgasms as she fucking squirted all the fuck over me.

Since then I have learned that squirters don't start out that way. It involves fucking a woman hard and sometimes against their will to create one. Basically if your dick is big enough (I had a 40 year old woman after 36 partners beg me to stop because my dick was basically in her chest) when she tells you she's gotta pee just keep on hitting. She didn't have any kids.

Mothers need not apply for sex with me because if they do I will beat them in the face with a carpenter hammer.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

You see folks I had forgotten how to love.

Didn't I tell you I was beaten half to death about four years ago it involved a serious concussion and I see my attacker now on a daily basis? They apologised, one of them I forgave them okay. Saw them twice today. This article is cut short, brought to you by shell shock or PTSD

I've actually been homeless about ten years.

America. You cannot possibly imagine the torture I've been through to write you this today. Unless you're a serial killer. I'm not saying I doubt that you are. Damn I'm hungry. I got a donation once from a cute girl too. I wonder how many genocidal assholes are hoping I starve to death right meow.

Shit you might be one!

I'd like to talk about my domain

I think I have a winner here. I could be the king of Tokelau

I'd like to talk about my website

Hi! I'm so happy to see you here and that I have a global audience. You know, we all want something to dream about. We all want something we think impossible to look forward to. For me that is telekinesis.

TK care