Friday, September 27, 2019

My hella extra ordinarily boring life

Yeah, that's my life not yours. If you want true democracy keep your sovereignty. That's what the fuck I'm going to do. What does that mean? Well if we haven't met yet and you want to meet me don't fucking count on it.

I'm going to tell you like everyone else I don't have any money and I live on a trench. A literal fucking trench.

Now if any of this audience wants to try to track me down and come say hi or get all butt buddy on me because of the brain injury I WILL probably kill you. The first hand you lay on me is when you lose the last tooth you have.

Why would I stomp a socialist? General fucking principal. Why would I knock a fans teeth out? Well not a single donation 2019. Fuck all of you. All of you. I understand if you got really nice tits and maybe all you can afford is for you to let fuck your nice tits while you suck it.

This still hasn't happened to this day.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

I went to the doctor and had a physical...

He said I'm all fucked up for a while. He said it's very important I get my head checked. He didn't tell me if I'll get better soon or ever at all. He thinks I have PTSD. He told me I have PTSD.