TK 2030

Matthew Kammerer owned




This post is going viral so all you have to do is get a visa master card or one of those prepaid cards with just whatever is left on there like .89 cents or whatever.

I'd also like one million dollars for my 3.25 savings.


Single? ENJOY IT.

Got my face ripped up again last night. When she was yanking hair out the back of my head she pulled a little too hard and a lot came out... Waking up in my sleeping bag to the pain of getting your hair ripped out not good. Almost still did not come back.

Love is a sick sick thing. I'm covered in scars.


Hello kitty came from Japan. And it has no mouth.

 It means whatever men do to you you have no right. "You seen the cartoon? Does hello kitty has no mouth."

In china you already dead man.



How Do I Start The Work Day

 with about 40%THC nugs That make me want to fucking crawl after 4 hits and also White Widow no matter what white widow is scored at this is the most potent marijuana you will have ever smoked with undiscovered medicinal properties still to this day this particular strain is very legendary and like the car that changes color based on the owners mood this is a better than opium better than and never do any synthetic drugs and is not a drug however a plant that grows in the ground.


You need to go third world country. for IMMERSION

 They call it IMEWRSION

Women are mean. Enjoy being single

 Imagine all the money you will save. Now come to Butt-Head.

Your bullshit carries over to reality

 Famous? Fuck you. Let's NOT collaborate. Poor? Like a computer program this website serves a purpose. Over a period of ten years a series of worship-able norms will generate 5 g in ad revenue. They are so much cooler than you mullisha bitches.



 How much do you want to pay to put an ad here how long do you want me to put it up here or make a Semi-permanent post.

White widow 21.15% vs Donny burger 33.22% a perspective.

 Both on par white widow makes your lips numb. White widow was discovered inside of a sewer with no light in it. This means you can grow it on your desk as a houseplant. This was grown indoor. Got me some 37% I'm trying tonight seen as high as 42.7% thc recently. That's basically hash.


The only YT account with a .com ending.

*This post reached a thousand hits with no words. Now enjoy.

Something about it could literally be porn. The joke is I own that website too. That's what's so hilarious to me about the whole thing.

I like it because it really makes me stand out on the platform and allows me to advertise directly to the audience I want by engaging in the yt comments.

Famous musicians
The list goes on.

Rich stuckup assholes visit my blog and donate nothing at all... 
That is the money making potential. I could sell it all for a quick penny no I bought it until the two thousand thirties.

The last time a chrony for a celebrity gave me a modest donation I destroyed Ho wood. Want to see me do it again? Twenty bucks.

I smoke tobacco

 Only optimo blunts are good enough for the weed I smoke. POSWRZ

My fellow Americans

 So so broke. Is there anything any of you can donate like home or cash? A lot of you.

What is temporary fame what is temporary money if you are going to hell?

 Would you help a homeless person? That's why it should not be a new show.


ASNARL IM click here v2

How much do you want to pay for this website?

 I almost bought from the owner when I was twelve for fourty dollars because he was feeling generous.

I was chatting with Andy MilAnokis on aol or yahoo when when I was twelve years old before he bacame famous.

How much do you want to pay for this website?

I just tried THC CBD peach and I was stoned before it got to my belly but now it's dropping into my guts

 Holy fuck woah. I'm seeing trails and shit I haven't even opened my bag yet. Don't need to not motivated to smoke weed after taking that. 

I accidentally fucked up my blog yesterday

I messed up my blog yesterday but I'm trying to fix it. Imagine, you're making two cents or whatever a week and you got your domain for ten years ahead of time and you're like perfect, that piece of dog shit hollywood wannabe director put my web address on his twitter with over a million followers so that's basically passive income considering all the methheads that follow his handle. Then you go to make your blog look more awesome, & you fuck up the source code.

I fucked up the whole source code in about sixty seconds. I have a brain injury so it took me about a half hour to fix. It took years to build. This is a feel good blog with happy go lucky vibes. Have a great fucking day.

ad free music continues.


Commercial free radio - Staind break the cycle



I'd like you to take a moment to meditate on the psychological effects of being 15 years homeless.

 Thank you. It has been hell week in so many ways. It might be more intense but I don't know if I can hit twenty pull ups at around 320ish. No I will someday.

I've been homeless 15 years and I'm breaking down, I can't be tolerant anymore. You might see me in public doing something that should land me in jail. If you call the police on me they will come bring me jimboys taco's. And I will go sleep in a palace. You will go masturbate and get an infection.

Never been better

 I may or may not be going to jail for some time. But, once I get out I'm going one hundo solo. Got tricked into getting a girlfriend but now know a lot better. Not into guys or trannies either. Sorry phaggots.

At least my girl calls them fadges too. Any how just do the time Matt. It could literally be 6 months. With years and year of probarion but at least I have my welfare.

Wanna hire me some lawyers?


There is a fight over the thoughts in your brains

 You think I'm a bitch and I don't know? You are confused. Sucks knowing more than you, with a traumatic brain injury. Have I ever been attacked, hey dumb fuck (me) why can't you control your language? Matt, you are being attacked and enslaved here. Why can't you tell. You should have known better when those two black teenagers you were trying to help attacked you with a razor kick scooter IN THE HEAD MATT.

Fuck you over the last 8-10 years Matt? To all the weirdos. No I fucked that up, I let you in my head bitch. Know that. They are fighting over the thoughts in your brains. I got a home here or there but what I really wanted was all of you pieces of SHITS out of my brain.


I've been homeless fifteen years I don't know if I'll make it to next month.

So this isn't about my opinion which would make you cry shit your pants and give you nightmares for the rest of your life.

I'm in a small minority making up about 0.02% of the USA population. I'm homeless.

It's absolute torture.

And now I'm homeless here with a girlfriend and a puppy and I bend my knees to sleep in a car. I have a TBI (Traumatic brain injury) Making everything I do dang near impossible. Don't get me wrong I can do normal things I'm a professional writer paid nothing this week for work done. 


Created by a mega stoned traumatic brain injury survivor. asnarl.

 You learn some things. You knock out some lights and lose some screws. Everything you learned becomes meaningless as your conciousness recedes and you become a spectator to the horror of living as a target. You brush this off.

with the crippling effects you start to realise you can't think. Being unable to communicate to your body properly your life becomes cumbersome on you. You become a repeat selection of the human traffickers. After all you're unconscious outside with no friends. 


They made me homeless so Everytime I see a mother fucker in public

 I charge them cash. And if they don't pay up I charge them 20 percent interest a day with God as my manager.


Now accepting donations of land, vehicles and real estate

 And cash 

916 259 7393

I have a representative who is a veteran. I am permanently disabled.

I know.