How Do You Like This Apple

Month: August 2017

I don’t want any dudes giving me jobs, what’s wrong with you?

I walked up to a church and the note said to keep the door’s closed. That’s not how you spell it that isn’t the first time and it isn’t the first church, it happened to me at another one within walking distance.

Some people like to be alone

In fact free and independent. That’s how I am. I plan for a private future, because my present is not.


For any homeless person it is torture in the world. What I wonder is about Parkinson’s. If I spend one week starving I may spend two in excess. This is my viewpoint as a ghost, a person suffering on the streets, roughly sober minded.

No loitering, buy a cheeseburger!

They think I bring down property value or something. Keep me out of jail, help me buy a cheeseburger: Please.