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Month: September 2017

Asnarl! Scares nasa!

I had this link on the front page for a while. This was it ehInternet archive

All alone…

digging through a pizzerias dumpster eating rotting pizza, a little girl handed me a box of 10 chicken nuggets out of the back of their car. I’m full. I really was starving, to death. I’d rather eat ROTTEN pizza out of the dumpster, than starve to death. Makes me think I’m going to be okay.

Why are Americans starving to death

No fruit trees, that the droppings of can be converted to mulch for potent fertilizer. Nah instead people make sure NONE of the trees in the cities produce fruit so everyone has to go to the store and pay taxes

Working online at a church

Another random homeless tweaker walked up on me said hey man 5 dollars for some shit(METH). This is bad folks. Really bad. I always have to explain to these people that I don’t do drugs and tell them to get away from me.

You’re homeless, We’re recording. MESS UP

People, and I’m surrounded by them. After being attacked repetitively and finding myself homeless the stress is finally getting to me. They get together and talk trash. My heart is giving out. My knees are giving out. My arms are falling out. So I finally decided to take myself off of the streets. I’m doing […]

Reset Roy A – The Devil Is A Witch PROMO

• Have you seen my 1am dream My stomach is eating me #resetroya#gibson#gibsonlespaul#gibsonlespaulclassic#music#musicislife#hollywood#hollyweird#losangeles#coachellavalley#coachella#bodog#resetroya A post shared by ResetRoyA (@resetroya) on Aug 12, 2017 at 4:32pm PDT