Thursday, October 24, 2019

Mr. The Know

The Know was no ordinary human.
He was so good at math his sister beat his head in with a baseball bat. TK simply had to read a math equation to know the answer. At age 6 his teacher held a private parent teacher conference and stated to his mother we don't know how he gets all the questions right because he doesn't show his work. That was because The Know fucking did all the work in his mind instantly.

TK is still alive. At age 23 he suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that would have killed most people or left them in a coma and unable to speak for the rest of their lives if they woke up ever at all.

He was severely beaten in the head with a metalic object that weighed 15 lbs.

He is still alive to this day.

'My vocabulary isn't quite as big as it was before, nor do I have quite as many emotions. My dreams are limited. I was always told to dream big but my biggest dreams are of taco truck burritos, those cheeseburgers with lettuce for bread and cheesy gordita crunches. If you like those things too you should call or text me at 1-916-407-4108'

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Affiliate Marketing/ Guest vlog/ blog

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My dreams are to eat good and not be homeless. Some Y'all keep trying to fuck that up for me. Too bad I'm about to start spending about 1000 dollars a month on food. The fuck are you going to do when I'm the world's heaviest superhuman bodybuilder? I'm a damn trim 240.

I will fucking rob grocery stores where the manager loves me asshole.

You ain't gonna be able to stop me from brutally fucking your ass up for fucking with me every time. I ain't gonna let you kill me. I'M DONE BEING TORTURED, MEOW IT'S YOUR TURN.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019