Monday, July 22, 2019

Doing everything I can just to be 'dateable' including lowering my standards!

I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury in 2014. That was the year I last had sex. It was late 2014.

Needless to say the two are related. What can I possibly do to become attractive to women I'm attracted to?

Get my teeth done? I had two unsightly metal fillings replaced with porcelain and a front tooth I had chipped fixed so no one can even tell. I even had them deep cleaned/whitened. I absolutely love my teeth and am fawning over me for them myself.

It has almost been a month and though I have been having nervous break downs in public every day (learning to manage them) there has been some effect in my smiling at everyone (with teeth) that as homeless as I look I am still getting checked out by women I would knock up.

The sad part is I would knock them up just to keep them in my life because I'm so alone. I would knock them up so no matter what I'd always have a friend to talk to I have no choice but to adore.

No, I'm being selfish again. I've got so many nieces and nephews I could never be alone 😊. My niece is going to grow up to be like 6'5 and she's going to know how to shoot perfect as an adult.

I got set up not too long after the TBI by a foreigner librarian who told police I said something about bombs when I said watch out for bums. I talked to a marine and found something out.

People who like to go around hitting people in the head with scooters and foreigners who make up false bomb threats days are numbered and their time can be all up like turning the page in a book.

I'd lick in between the toes and underneath the toe nails of the hot marine chick that took care of these two issues and maybe one more that I have but let's not set expectations too high. I'd eat that pussy every spare second of every damn day.

You may not even have to be a marine to get that form of treatment. If you are with me sexually only you deserve that treatment.

I don't want our love to be money oriented. Did I tell you, I'm easy? Okay so I'm homeless and this month I only took in about $450.00 (that's my monthly minimum!) Next month, that all changes to $1,410 every month. I'm extremely poor. I'm just ahead of the curve.

Let's pretend I get just enough to feed us both. That's something extra. Could you ever shape me into the one you're waiting for?