Tuesday, July 23, 2019

I can afford an apartment

I'm going to get a fucking gun and a apartment the experiment is over thank you.

Yes I think homelessness does cause mental health issues

I am extremely depressed, hopeless and tortured. Now excuse me while I go find some place to put my dick.

Sex is so cheap, it's free!

I'm joining a gym. Let's see what got me laid before the TBI? My personality. I haven't cum in a while. The last time I did I think I was raped by a chick with a tight pussy. Like my dick was only half hard and she had problems trying to fit it all before she ran off with a belly full of my cum.

Before that I woke up to some celeb going down on my flaccid dick as soon as I passed out it was cute she couldn't get it up before I blew a 3,000 calorie meal down her throat.

So evidently I've been acting fucked up and just need to repair my personality and stay away from celebrities doing weird shit

So then I can knock a bitch up with the manchild with the flamethrower