Monday, August 24, 2020

I never saw that cop before the nightmare the night before last. Then I recognized him immediately the next day.

Yeah I was just like oh wow he's all passed out and he has a food stain. Looked like a1. Then I started to realize I was drugged and abducted again then more human trafficking experienced personally during the night.

It ended with some druglords and his bitch looking at me and hopping up and down with her little ass.

They were all high on meth and shit so they were hard wired on the good shit probably had already been up seven whole days without a nap

Thursday, August 13, 2020

What the Corona virus is really

PPV content

Alot of this is going to be PPV, podcast subscriptions all that.

I see you. Comment below if you think 5 cents a page is too much. It's going to pop up before site access. 5 fuckin cents. Or you don't get in


Look at how willing they are to pay me for access. No complaints. 4 dollars a month to subscribe to the podcast.

Now this is FUNNY

I want you to imagine that for whatever reason I am unsuccessful. Well I don't accept that. I can't believe I live in a tent off Lincoln highway and my back hurts and I have a tbi. I can hide a brain injury. So why?

Aside from the website why? I mean the website should be successful. I shouldn't be homeless. Well... I can't believe it's been for so long.

I didn't fail. I didn't miss out or lose anything but you killed my godparents. Yeah. So it's over. I just had to kill a tick in my tent. You don't have to give up on me. Check mate.

I give up.

Well that's a damn nice house. That's a damn nice house. That's where I live. That's.
That's fucked up. That's so fucked up. That's the most fucked up thing really. In the world really. It was a test of the emergency alert system this is only a test. It was only a test. World economies GONE. Never to return.

That was only a test.

I took the steak off the tables of some decadent people. Bankrupted them.

But where were you?

Better stay away. Think about it. I just spent the last decade homeless. Why should I trust any of you? It's like pulling teeth with you people. For the sake of my enemies let's pretend I don't even get to eat anything.

No that's others going without these days.

Well isn't that a turn around? I can't say I don't feel bad for all those starving. I won't even explain to you people where you went wrong. But you know I'm at that over the hill point I'll take the room closest to the bathroom.

Sunday, August 2, 2020

In other news the USA IS NUMBER 1

EST. 2002

Be a part of something greater. The Matthew Kammerer remix was created by an eleven year old boy. An eleven year old boy inspired by word of mouth who learned of the new ground atomics/remix.

I thought to myself in the sixth grade man I will show all these kids who think they are smarter than me. I told them about it and they just brushed it off. Except my closest friends who I plugged in to the scene. Hello again everyone. We're talking millions of hits a month. When I reached my 1 billionth hit in 2003 that was a landmark.

Well boys it's so nice that we all can meet again

Try the white I have posted my very own on the right side bar there and you will learn how to write too.

As we all know noodles has passed away aka wicked tatsu you can all search engine him. Well his parents were my God parents.
I say were, because sadly, they were murdered by the new Corona virus pandemic we all know is absolutely false.

About the girl of the deceased director, what a phag. The girl is too dumb to be safe. Yes during the investigation photos were uncovered by inner circle intel that indicated they were dressing subjects aged 4 as adults inappropriately and also that poor girls mysteriously disappeared boyfriend produced child pornography.

And that piece of shit just isn't around anymore. That's just an idea that I'm going to throw out there because it was also uncovered he recorded his little daughter like Fogle.

Here's the video with this pedophile talking about masturbating next to his teenage daughter in the first two minutes on MTV. Then this child molester admits he has to quote the daughter "my privacy has been violated" I can't keep watching I'll puke and I didn't eat today.