Sunday, August 2, 2020

In other news the USA IS NUMBER 1

In the daily reports. You don't know how much I enjoy that. I would prefer the US and Canada because Canada's cool. Next up Russia... No real surprise there then of course fucking Hong Kong. And why yes the injection of all traffic from the establishment I created eighteen years ago as a meek child did give this a tilt but here's the real figures folks we were up already for two days prior at least.

If there was anyone intelligent enough to invest this whole epidemic wearing a mask bullshit would likely just be steam. Toss it back in the air where it drifts out the window. That's what I say. 

I have not alot of girlfriends I don't try to keep any except the one really but I have a lot of girl acquaintances who give me money for absolutely nothing other than to take care of myself. Children even give me money now that I think about it. I gotta look like a superhero to them. 

Babies give me money can you even imagine being loved that much? Probably not when a little baby stops you from riding your bike like holy shit here's everything I have take it and you gotta be like no sorry baby.

I'm a nonfiction crafter of literature. I'm not some lefty liberal. I'm conservative, I'd rather grow weed than smoke it. As a matter of fact, I dont smoke or use drugs. If I want to smoke a joint I can I just choose not too. I try to be a cleaner person than that. Wouldn't you too if you were homeless? 

This isn't me trying to write I am using my luck which is to say all my practice before this to bring you this handcrafted article. Thank God I am just 28 about to be 29 this month and not some wasted low life.

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