Thursday, August 13, 2020

Now this is FUNNY

I want you to imagine that for whatever reason I am unsuccessful. Well I don't accept that. I can't believe I live in a tent off Lincoln highway and my back hurts and I have a tbi. I can hide a brain injury. So why?

Aside from the website why? I mean the website should be successful. I shouldn't be homeless. Well... I can't believe it's been for so long.

I didn't fail. I didn't miss out or lose anything but you killed my godparents. Yeah. So it's over. I just had to kill a tick in my tent. You don't have to give up on me. Check mate.

I give up.

Well that's a damn nice house. That's a damn nice house. That's where I live. That's.
That's fucked up. That's so fucked up. That's the most fucked up thing really. In the world really. It was a test of the emergency alert system this is only a test. It was only a test. World economies GONE. Never to return.

That was only a test.

I took the steak off the tables of some decadent people. Bankrupted them.

But where were you?

Better stay away. Think about it. I just spent the last decade homeless. Why should I trust any of you? It's like pulling teeth with you people. For the sake of my enemies let's pretend I don't even get to eat anything.

No that's others going without these days.

Well isn't that a turn around? I can't say I don't feel bad for all those starving. I won't even explain to you people where you went wrong. But you know I'm at that over the hill point I'll take the room closest to the bathroom.

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