Thursday, October 1, 2020

Know what I'm sayin'?

 Yo. I am Matthew David Kammerer. I am the most human trafficked mother fucker. I have a brain injury. This is the month of October the year is 2020 and I'm burning some 21.01% thc marijuana.

My boy and I were talking. I live in Sacramento. The natives are well known for human sacrifice. This is the capitol of California.  One young man who attacked me is named Zion. Hope you're doing okay buddy. Yeah it just all ties in and makes things obvious.

My dad made me homeless for no reason. I played my music too loud (no he did). Human sacrifice.

Sick huh?

I never got any donations because the ai will kill you people probably over your fifty cents donation can you believe it. You nasty musk you're that evil. Throw some bleach on that stink. NOW 

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