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Friday, December 11, 2020

Weaponization of drugs

Psychochemical warfare involves the use of psychopharmacological agents (mind-altering drugs or chemicals) with the intention of incapacitating an adversary through the temporary induction of hallucinations or delirium. These agents have generally been considered chemical weapons and, more narrowly, constitute a specific type of incapacitating agent.

Drug use among sex trafficked victims is common and is used in a variety of ways in the sex trafficking arena.  Drugs are used to: induce compliance; create dependency; feed a “habit”; punish an unwilling victim; cope with the stress of sex trafficking; lure in a vulnerable and unsuspecting individual; criminalize a victim; and incapacitate a victim. In essence, they are weaponized in the trafficking arena. This chapter will discuss how drugs are used as weapons.

SIDNEY KATZ reports on the most secret weapon in the arsenals of both East and West — “the mind poisons” Their purpose is conquest without slaughter, and already some military leaders are calling them “humane”

Battalions of disciplined, seasoned soldiers who had been dosed, would meekly surrender and laughingly allow themselves to be herded into the stockades. By spreading certain chemicals in aerosol form or in the water supply, the entire civilian population of a city could be deprived of the will to resist. They would welcome the invader with open arms. Testifying before a U. S. House of Representatives committee, Maj.Gen. W. M. Creasy, former chief officer with the U. S. chemical corps, said, “We have drugs that could set you congressmen dancing jigs on the desk or shouting communist speeches.”

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