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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

I lived with no money up until my brain injury

 Life was all very simple. Pure sweet emotion. The television was on until I left home at eighteen. Every genre of music every popular song. And then I became homeless. 

In the three months I was homeless I changed dramatically. I started working out I was getting ready for college so I had that going for me and I moved in with a pastor lady.

I saw a ghost in her house so I believe in ghosts. 

One day she got mad at me and asked me to leave now here's a side note keep everyone that's in your life there effortlessly.

It was the friends I was always trying to avoid who took me in.

But that wasn't before living in a trailer behind a church in knights landing.

I was picky I decided I wanted to go move back to Elk Grove and they let me move in with them.

It's not that I don't have as much energy as I had back then I just weigh about 120 lbs more.

During college I took a trip to la for a business class I remember driving up to the smog and saying the driver, we got to breathe that.

When I returned from la I was never the same I was nineteen at the time and developed a cold the following morning then I developed eye floaters that have not left me to this day.

At some point before the brain injury I tried veganism for 2 weeks my shyt quit stinking and 80 miles on a mountain bike basically effortless.

Now living in the human trafficking capital of the world I got mixed in with the wrong church people. These are the kind of political types who act like you know they're basically filling in for 211.

Some of them are politicians who go to church just the worst type of scum you could possibly imagine with a nice happy face like the happytime murders.

well this next time around that should have just lasted about two months didn't really end too well it ended with me getting jumped and receiving a traumatic brain injury.

Within one month of the traumatic brain injury without knowing the diagnosis and trying to play it off smooth as Superman I'm single to this day and it's been well this happened let's see I got the brain injury when I was 23 so we're talking the year 2014

is this the end of my Hollywood career I think so. You know there was a time when people encouraged me to check out that scene now with the brain injury and knowing that I have it it's like that friend that keeps calling that I say to my roommate just tell them I'm not here right now.

That's the friend that wants you to knock her up.

I've got a rib tickler for you

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