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Wednesday, January 5, 2022

If you liked that last story..

 This is how I live with money from 29 to now wow I didn't realize the truth that I really lived without money all the way up until about 30 no scratch that 28 the let's start there.

So I got off the streets begging I moved to Kammerer Rd. When I got there it was the Apocalypse. There were according to the landlord women trapped in dungeons that ran beneath our house and he would hear them late at night somebody f****** help me and then he would hear them rape and sodomize her for the next 8 hours.

I didn't think it was real so I did what any ordinary citizen would do or extraordinary citizen would do and the next time my favorite cop bought me lunch I just casually brought it up and he stopped me he said Matthew know you're right cuz I was going man I must be crazy huh. 

He said Matthew not only are you right that they got that going on Sacramento is the human trafficking capital of the world.

I didn't really believe it at first I had to think about it my landlord on my last name keepsake road is turning out to be bisexual and not just bisexual a little try to dominate there and I'm waking up you know and well let's just not talk about the horrible things that I've being on the streets you hear s*** you see s*** and eh. Nm

So back to the story at hand basically I was chilling out where I was being homeless at and some chick is like a buddy you know the reason why I tread on your domain here it's let you know I got you five hundred bucks and you get to go sleep in a motel this Christmas I left the dude's house because he was totally flaming bi. All on f****** meth I was paying the motherfuker $40 every single day

and so what was homeless from August till Christmas and they came through and they f****** bought me a motel that was the beginning of ripping my f****** hair out trying to come at all I counted that day and then about a s*** I want to say like f****** 3 days later my hair won't unknot and I had to cut a f****** the bunch of it out of the back

So now every once in awhile I get a motel you know what the brain injury it's hard enough to figure things out but I figured out that it's better than sleeping in a pile of f****** s*** where everyone can see you and no one wants to help

And everyone wants to shoot

Are y'all that's the reality I pulled a bunch a money last year might as well worked at f****** taco Bell.

Yeah how did I spend all that money. Well not having a refrigerator makes a pretty big f****** difference how much food do you buy when you're a pothead trying to gain weight.

So I bought $40 worth of food thinking I'm going to eat it all or just to get what I think I want and then half of it goes to f****** waves all of it goes to f****** waste s*** like that and here I am now my goddamn you know what Apple's after what I've been through ain't such a bad f****** thing.

You know an apple runs you with dollars so It got so expensive now that's like a gourmet f****** Apple so I can live off I can apples pineapples I'm going to start now cuz I found a piece of glass in my ass.

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