TK 2030

Matthew Kammerer owned


There is a fight over the thoughts in your brains

 You think I'm a bitch and I don't know? You are confused. Sucks knowing more than you, with a traumatic brain injury. Have I ever been attacked, hey dumb fuck (me) why can't you control your language? Matt, you are being attacked and enslaved here. Why can't you tell. You should have known better when those two black teenagers you were trying to help attacked you with a razor kick scooter IN THE HEAD MATT.

Fuck you over the last 8-10 years Matt? To all the weirdos. No I fucked that up, I let you in my head bitch. Know that. They are fighting over the thoughts in your brains. I got a home here or there but what I really wanted was all of you pieces of SHITS out of my brain.

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