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Meet the stalkers.

I had a little bit of a nervous breakdown last night. I’ve decided to fundamentally change the way I think. I had some stalkers last night and the number is unknown to me.   Where there is smoke there is fire. After my nervous breakdown which included dialogue such as, ‘I will destroy you stalkers’ […]

If you are reading this message, you are a new elite.

The actual zombie apocalypse is taking place and we have government documents to confirm it. The real question is how many times has the world reached a technological peak, only for generations long global war to take place with the minds of the children completely enslaved and ruled over by a genocidal overwatch? No more. […]

No more google fuck google

With the google code: took new yorkers not a new york second but about fifteen to be exact to see me But wait Jesus, we can remove the evil scum Russian arab fucks and let’s see: Proof google is not a real search engine and that they are incompetent Tech tyrant fined 2.7 billion for […]

The American Dream is active

Two of the domains that were taken that I wanted I got. It was like a emotion or picking up on a scent. The Know is finally available I thought.     Sure it’s a free domain. So was They come free but if you want full legal rights you have to pay something […]

Today You will all find out from the corrupted mainstream media

Hillary Clinton, Obama and all of the politicians they will be exposed their lives of deceit and it will enter into your minds faster than the speed of light And God will set you free for just asking

I do not support you anymore tacobell

Listen here Walmart you wanna fire them all replace customer service with an ai computer people ask questions? Why is it I got no wifi until I got up and the second I complained a frozen page loaded? I was not able to upload my show at tacobell where I ate lunch.

Here’s why I love your new business model Starbucks

BTW Here’s why I believe some Starbucks have mice/rats: The doors don’t close by about an inch or two at some locations. I’m homeless and I wound up buying something. Green tea. A hot green tea works great in the early hours of a hot summer day. That’s great that my location opens around five […]