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I’m homeless and these people are essentially committing torture.

I’m a target. Out in the open. Exposed. Greedy obese Californians everywhere. I try to imagine the sick ways you sick people exploit me. I’m sick of it. Lately I’ve been smelling like a wet dog, here’s why. I take my hygiene seriously. So when the general public forces me out on the streets, I […]

Skid row a hop skip and jump away from hollywood hills.

The homeless capital of America. So many of them allowed to camp on the side walk. Why? Imagine the crime that would take place with 14,000 rouge humans in Los Angeles. Film stars would be raped and pillaged. All of the first borns would be claimed in one day. Now this is something to find […]

I’ts just weird for me being homeless.

I’m the lowest of the low in the eyes of some. Not even human to some. Apparently bringing others down. I bathed today. I used a spicket behind a business. I started bathing every day but yesterday I said nah. I have been having an irregular heartbeat for months why make it worse

It is called move out of LA CA

With approx. 17,000 homeless people 7 miles away from the hollywood hills, it is no question to me where the sex trafficking comes from. The voices in the night are those displaced, whether in a parking lot 50 feet away telling you what a piece of trash you are to them, or those displaced in […]

Homeless w/ handlers

LOOK if you are going to get in my face to try to tell me what a good person you think you are, why don’t you invite me in for something to eat and somewhere to sleep? Because they’re NOT? Because they are homeless? Because everyone is on the verge of losing all their shit? […]

You know what?

I was charged as a terrorist for a crime I did not commit. (Link.) I want to know a story about when people have attacked you. Today I saw a person who assaulted me personally. Just by seeing that person I feel heavily degraded as a person. I have feelings just like anyone else, yet […]