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This is an Emergency broadcast.

The algorithms have all been maliciously coded. Bio weapons have been released weaponizing our air. This is torturing us all in a incredibly cruel way and like something out of the twilight zone.

Fuck money

I don’t have any kids because you can go to prison for not paying child support I almost f****** died today or Asian serious God damn s*** at least once today all 4 25 f******bulshit dollars this stupid Dragon software or Google Voice c**********c***********bulshit to go f****** f*** off you know when people suck dick […]

My dreams were getting grandiose America

These goddamn stupid phones it’s a stupid phone. The f****** screen breaks and I don’t even f****** drop it what a piece of s*** that’s the stupidest f****** piece of s*** I’ve ever wanted to use f***

I’m going to start hiring people

Okay I have a promising new Advertiser and I am projecting not this year but next year $1,000 a day in ad Revenue. In order to do this the website has to be more relevant and so every penny that I don’t spend on food I am going to reinvest in this website.   I […]

This website is already viral it’s about to go 10 times more viral

You are surrounded by pieces of s*** female male after Chloe Sullivan f****** turned out to in real life Allison Mack to be a f****** sex trafficking Kingpin… You know she was real f****** cute and when I first saw that show I liked her better than Lana and she won my heart immediately I […]