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The Barbary slave trade refers to the slave markets that were extremely lucrative and vast on the Barbary Coast of North Africa.

I’ts just weird for me being homeless.

I’m the lowest of the low in the eyes of some. Not even human to some. Apparently bringing others down. I bathed today. I used a spicket behind a business. I started bathing every day but yesterday I said nah. I have been having an irregular heartbeat for months why make it worse

People please quit eating tide pods

How you can help the homeless.

I am currently homeless. It hurts alot and I am subjected to terrible things out here all on a whim. Sometimes I can’t go a day without the police being called on me. If you want to know my story navigate to the Episode One link on this site. I know all of the homeless […]

I’m too hungry to do the news today.

I keep spacing out I make slight involuntary actions such as holding a book upside down and looking down as if I were to read it. I’m too hungry to read a book. This is dangerous ground.

Authors being abducted in Asia

Hong Kong’s missing booksellers and ‘banned’ Xi Jinping book Anger over second ‘snatching’ of bookseller in China