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What does it mean to ride a red wave?

Red Wave Red Wave refers to blood in the streets, as happens in a pandemic, or when there is political violence in the streets leading to bloodshed. As our nation’s democracy is assaulted people spilled into the streets calling for a red wave. #violence#bloodshed#political uprising by anadult June 22, 2018  – urbandictonary.com

Andy Kaufman’s no joke…

He gets kicked off of Letterman for panhandling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p0sr2BejUk

How you can help the homeless.

I am currently homeless. It hurts alot and I am subjected to terrible things out here all on a whim. Sometimes I can’t go a day without the police being called on me. If you want to know my story navigate to the Episode One link on this site. I know all of the homeless […]

What a strange way to be apprehended by police.

I don’t have any mental issues. One thing that shocks me is what the police just told me. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and take medication and don’t take those medication, guess what? The police will take you to a hospital where you are force fed this medication and committed to […]

“The Asian Holocaust”


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