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Category: Questioning reality

I love the feeling that I won’t die today a snarl started in a blaze of Fury of fire passion A Smoke Filled Room of some mid Shelf bud Shake

It’s the year 2018. The looming pot hangover never had time to exist. I was stoned in this entire year. But it’s not over yet I’ve been extra ordinarily High cuz I went to Hollywood and they got the best weed on Earth apparently cuz I’m still high. I told myself the last thing I […]

Jump in U.S. traffic deaths leads world…

If there were a attractive girl driving a bigger car could target them, hit them pull her out of the car kidnap her (steal the car) and rape her to full term pregnancy. I’m going to lose it… WHY WAS I THE FIRST ONE TO CALL THE COPS, WHY DID THEY PULL HER FROM THE CAR WITHOUT CALLING 911?

Physical injuries I’ve gotten while homeless

The broken leg I walked off. Well It was my ankle. The ankle grew back twice the size of the other one and I experience minor dislocating to this day with my homeless ass on the streets. There was that time I got attacked by black folks who were just “trying to have some fun”. […]