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When the homeless break in

Don’t get me wrong, a group of homeless people will invade you at home when you are sleeping because a lot of you are pure evil knaves, (or married one.) rob your house and give you another reason to argue with your spouse because **** you. Homeless people do not regard your privacy as anything […]

How you can help the homeless.

I am currently homeless. It hurts alot and I am subjected to terrible things out here all on a whim. Sometimes I can’t go a day without the police being called on me. If you want to know my story navigate to the Episode One link on this site. I know all of the homeless […]

Working online at a church

Another random homeless tweaker walked up on me said hey man 5 dollars for some shit(METH). This is bad folks. Really bad. I always have to explain to these people that I don’t do drugs and tell them to get away from me.