The child is grown the dream is gone
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I got hit by a S.U.V. today.

These people are so slow to think. I need to get out of Elk Grove for a little while, almost. It was some white lady and I called her a ****ing *****

and she said “I’m sorry”. There were children everywhere and some black kid came up and asked me if I’m okay, he was riding his bike right beside me. He said, “That lady almost ran you over bro.” I apologized to him for having to hear that, and he said “No reason to apologize, she almost ran you over!” Did she hit me on purpose? I hate being homeless.


I should have asked them for money when she said “sorry”. I should have taken every dollar in her bank account, because she damaged my bike man and I’m pissed I haven’t gotten paid yet for alot of work on this site so PLEASE send me 10-20 dollars OR MORE here on my PAYPAL

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