I’m going to start hiring people

Okay I have a promising new Advertiser and I am projecting not this year but next year $1,000 a day in ad Revenue. In order to do this the website has to be more relevant and so every penny that I don’t spend on food I am going to reinvest in this website.


I had a working video portal before YouTube was invented on my website I paid some guy some other kid I think he was maybe from Poland $40 and he rigged my portal for me when I was 12.

I didn’t have much control over the operation when I was 12 if I misbehaved didn’t go to school my parents could take away my website then.


Now I have 100% domination over my own domain right now is paid off until 2023 I believe and in just two months I’m going to pay it off for another another 2 years so that way we got it all covered up until the military’s endgame of when they’re going to run things and just we’re going to be pretty much docile Slaves by then if we don’t do something right now.


I need an editor-in-chief. Of course some of you heard of Tai Lopez the here in my garage guy I have them somewhere else in the website he’s like talking to his students or his employees or something he said don’t date or oh s*** he said don’t hire anyone you wouldn’t date. And that’s the master plan right there I’ve never been married I’ve never had kids I love sex what if my whole deal is kind of like a monarchy kind of thing and all I really need is a princess or queen because really I’m like half person already after getting attacked the Razor Kick Scooter and I know that good consensual sex generates new brain cells a magnitude that actually cannot be measured.

So right now there’s a void in my life and it’s killing me maybe it’s the loneliness and I know how the world works I’ve been in relationships with women where I didn’t have to give or spend any money on them. And that’s fine and dandy I could have that too but if you work for me I’m going to be making you f****** Rich seriously who wants an under paid employee? Seriously though and secretly hold of a vendetta against you


May I please have one volunteer to help me fix my stunted male mind?



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