The child is grown the dream is gone
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I’ve got that dragon software shit.

I love doing videos I’d be doing one right now but I’m on the streets and because I’m on the streets I’m a Target so instead of letting you hear a bunch of nasty sometimes copyrighted music that I don’t want in my in my videos when I’m laying down here and no one could see me I don’t hear. I want to make sure you don’t have to either.


Yeah there’s a couple mistakes but I can go back and edit it by hand this software is so Advanced it is so much more advanced than my Windows 7 I feel like the president and I am I’m the president of my own Corporation company Etc I don’t know if I want to incorporate it because we’re kind of against the corporate fascist aren’t we we’re going to put an end to corporate fascism that’s why I don’t know if I’ll ever incorporate.


Now I’m going to study how this compiled sentences. I had to say Period at the end.


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