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Question of the Day – Harvey Winstein

If we were to administer sodium pentothal to the beautiful actresses who claim that Harvey Winstein, the former Hollywood mogul, acted “inappropriately” with them in a sexual manner, I wonder how many actresses would fully admit, if asked, that if Mr. Winstein had failed to solicit sexual “favors” from them, many of the  actresses (whom I posit, were willing to meet with Mr. Winstein for the specific & private purpose of obtaining an acting role through willingly performing whatever sexual favors Mr. Winstein desired.) Put in the common vernacular, how many dem bitches were waiting for the 1st chance to jump on Winstein’s cock to get a movie role? Are you crazy? Bitches been sucking cock, taking it up the ass, whatever you want, baby, for roles since there’s been Hollywood. Give me a break and pass me a hash joint. All of his Hollywood actress, please, be honest with us and yourselves. In my world, neither you nor Winstein have clean hands. Be accountable and speak the truth, you ladies of expert tongue. Admit you swallowed, let him cum in your ass, your face, ATM, whatever this guy wanted. No one blames you, least of me. If I were you, I’d use my best play too and I’m certain I would’ve done whatever you did. Isn’t incredibly empowering and, of course,  sexually charged and stimu;ating, when men and women look at you with eyes that say only “I want to fuck you so bad right now.” All day long. Day after day. 24/7/365, without break. When relatives lick you with their eyeballs at Thanksgiving and fantasize about giving/receiving table head while everyone else gobbles Aunt Mady’s gravy over mashed taters.  However, only the most narcissistic among us fully enjoy a 24/7/365 existence as an object of sexual gratification. Its nice for someone to notice my intelligence and humor for a change. I guarantee that anyone reading this would be ass up, head down, with a big come fuck me Daddy smile if you were one of those actresses and by doing so you’d get the role that broke nyour career into nthe stratoshere with potential Oscar considerations.  That’s the kind of pull that short-dicked Jewish club member pervert chomo child molester used to have, before drowning in an actual, factual sea of fine ass pussy the likes of which the common man cannot even fully hold as a complete thought in our stunted little male minds. Ciao, bella. Love ya. Get yer ya yas out!


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