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The heights of things

Someone was almost afraid to let me into their car! I bathe every day. Sometimes, I bathe multiple times a day. Don’t let my separation from average human beings fool you. I’m forced into being different than you, because instead of others looking out for me I have to look out for myself.


I am a very lucky individual. Very wise people have chosen to befriend me. My luck is my good friends. You have to build your friends up. A lot of you I have met personally and you are all incredibly friendly. Donate a dollar I’d love to give you a performance.


No one donates. Everyone can donate a dollar. I’d say please give me 25 cents, but PayPal won’t let anyone give less than a dollar. If you don’t have a dollar to spare email me and I will see what I can do about giving you a dollar or so.


I work. I get about 10 an hour. Normally people who work do things they don’t want to. I do shit I really don’t fucking want to because no one else wants to do it or competition is low. I’ve made 80 dollars cash running this though have put at least that much into it. I spend a lot more because I believe in the quality of my hard work eh.


How much is web hosting? It’s cheap. Someone could pay as little as zero dollars for some web hosting. I pay $16.99 a month, that’s a bargain in the realm of something like 100,000 visitors a day. I honestly don’t know that the 16.99 covers that many but we are soon finding out.

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