The child is grown the dream is gone
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This website is already viral it’s about to go 10 times more viral

You are surrounded by pieces of s*** female male after Chloe Sullivan f****** turned out to in real life Allison Mack to be a f****** sex trafficking Kingpin…

You know she was real f****** cute and when I first saw that show I liked her better than Lana and she won my heart immediately I will admit I was 13.

Let that be a precursor for me for you I really thought this one was very attractive turns out the whole time she’s shooting that Smallville some dudes initials are branded into her vagina somewhere and she’s keeping her mouth shut.

That is such a big story and so few people even know about it Hollywood’s gone down everyone everyone from Hollywood that you thought was okay no there in the Clique too.

What do they do they sell their children for sex they rape children it’s just some sick shit. It’s a cult it’s a f****** Cult people wake up we don’t need Hollywood ever again I like documentaries do you like documentaries? Let’s document their strange sex and bloodbath rituals. Let’s document everything we know about these scum scum they are nothing but I’m telling you if they weren’t they would stand up and fight immediately against something so evil that they couldn’t be a part of it anymore.



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