How Do You Like This Apple

The small voice

What is the small voice?
On Wednesday night I heard a small voice.


“You have to come over”. I recognized
that a small child was trying to communicate with me. I immediately ignored them and
continued on my bicycle.

“Hello? Hello?”Her mother made a u-turn and followed me. “My daughter has some money
for you.” How much?

“Three dollars, it’s her allowance.”

You’re going to need a lot more than three dollars.

“How much do you need?” I looked back at the lady and I said you are going to need a lot more than three dollars.

Yesterday evening as I was carrying around my outdoor backpack and riding on my warped bike I heard another small voice, this young woman
was closer to my age and she asked if I needed help.

I ignored the voice and rode away

how small does the voice get?