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Working online with a cell phone

I’m on my cell doing updates making posts here on my own private blog called Asnarl. Where can’t you go with this?

I was burglarized

Alleged tweak heads came and stole all of my things. A tent, usb thumb drives and hard drives. I’m trying to not feel aggressive. If you are reading this post, simply return it or what you have left to the area.

The world is full of opinionated news

While learning I don’t need to know the columnists personal beliefs, or to read that the author thinks what ever they feel is the truth. This is truly despicable, in my opinion. Here I can make posts based on facts not something that I believe to be true.

I believe in humanity

I believe in myself and I believe in humanity. I believe myself if I say I don’t believe in humanity. People who look up to people are easily; and well influenced and directed. I think I like these people, they can be directed.