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People please quit eating tide pods

How you can help the homeless.

I am currently homeless. It hurts alot and I am subjected to terrible things out here all on a whim. Sometimes I can’t go a day without the police being called on me. If you want to know my story navigate to the Episode One link on this site. I know all of the homeless […]

What a strange way to be apprehended by police.

I don’t have any mental issues. One thing that shocks me is what the police just told me. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness and take medication and don’t take those medication, guess what? The police will take you to a hospital where you are force fed this medication and committed to […]

WAR IN THE WHITE HOUSE “For the past seven months, tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have been at war with the White House”   TRUMP WANTS CYBER WAR WITH CHINA TO BE WON WITH 5G NETWORK, LEAKED REPORT SAYS