Physical injuries I’ve gotten while homeless

The broken leg I walked off. Well It was my ankle. The ankle grew back twice the size of the other one and I experience minor dislocating to this day with my homeless ass on the streets.

There was that time I got attacked by black folks who were just “trying to have some fun”. They decided to attack me with a razor kick scooter and cut my head open with one. I got some distance and throwing a few practice swings I dislocated my shoulder for the first time. Then went the other one. They both continued to dislocate dozens of times for years. It has been about 6 months that they haven’t finally.

FUN NOTE: It was directly after dislocating my shoulder around 1 a.m. that I felt the blood drip on to it.

Okay this one is the one that intrigues me the most. I was worried about a clerk being yelled at by a customer. I tried to cross the street to go check on her. That is when a bar sticking out of a truck trailer hit me in the chest and I went flying doing a 180. I went blind out of my left eye for about a minute. It looked like tv static eh. My chest hurt really bad and I broke fingers in both hands. I couldn’t make a fist for months without severe pain. Sleeping on the cement I could really feel the broken ribs. Now it has been over a year, I am still on the streets and this morning laying on the sidewalk I can still feel the injury and it still feels slightly fractured.

I’m 26 and I have been sleeping on the streets for over a year straight now. Homeless shelters are full of drug addicts so I can’t go in there without getting attacked in my sleep by tweakers. All of these homeless people I know and love shoot up meth, heroin and/or pills. They love whispering to strangers: oh you’ve got a nice ass, okay, have a great day madam. Some of them make very inappropriate comments about minors. Some of them will stand on the other side of a parking lot and call you a bitch just loud enough so that it imprints your subconscious.

-Matthew David Kammerer

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