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The Barbary slave trade refers to the slave markets that were extremely lucrative and vast on the Barbary Coast of North Africa.

“Ex-Google CEO ‘very concerned’ Russia and China may ‘RULE the WORLD’ with AI”


Foster mother middle school teacher charged with raping son


Weather modification incorporated

Stock market snapshot WEATHER MODIFICATION OPERATIONS IN CALIFORNIA JULY 1952 – JUNE 1956 WEATHER MODIFICATION OPERATIONS IN CALIFORNIA OCTOBER 1, 1963-SEPTEMBER 30, 1964 Responding to Climate Change Is Climate Engineering an Option? Who is the devil?

the reason why I love religion

It teaches there’s a way to live without money and money is really just a system to say hey I’m the king when really it just leads to death. Simply put work is not easy. Even when you do work and you work hard and you retire the money is going to run out at […]

top 10 reasons why I left la

The city of Los Angeles is soaked in urine of the homeless diseased The whole city of LA stinks like piss and shit homeboy who works at Subway said the cockroaches are bigger than his dick Home girl who works at Subway verified saying yeah they crawl around the counter I was offered a b******right […]

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